533338_10151495700757508_1898758356_nIt’s easy to fall in love with the new sensitive GROHE Minta Touch kitchen faucet. With its innovative EasyTough technology, it instinctively reacts to the slightest touch. Just because your hands are dirty, doesn’t mean your faucet should be too. The shining chrome finish stays that way, thanks to GROHE Starlight technology.

One tap of the Minta Touch with the back of your hand, wrist or forearm is all it takes to turn it on or off, this keeping the faucet clean and hygienic at all times. If your hands are clean, simply use the manual lever to adjust flow and temperature. GROHE Minta Touch is a hybrid faucet that intelligently unites two operating functions.

Design and function are also perfectly aligned with the safety of little ones in mind because there is absolutely no risk of scalding. The Minta Touch only works with cold water but if you prefer warm water with your touch function, simply upgrade your faucet with the Grohtherm Micro – set to be available in the Fall of this year. This small thermostat underneath your sink will give you perfect temperature every time, with no risk of scalding.


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