UAKC has the Latest Appliance Rebates!

From Bosch to Wolf, appliance rebates are alive and well at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center in 2016!

3 Guidelines for maximizing your rebate potential

1. Be flexible with your purchases.

Most rebates require that you do something to get something, eg. “buy this and get that free.” There may be something on the “buy” side that you were not planning on buying. On the other hand, you may not be enthralled with the specific “free” item on the offer. Re-consider your options. Is it worth accepting a FREE dishwasher from brand X when you had planned buying a brand A dishwasher? Think again…FREE.

2. Purchase when the savings are there.

The rebate offer expires in March, but you won’t be ready for the product until May. If the savings are great enough, you may want to make the purchase a bit early. Ask if you can postpone delivery for a few weeks or perhaps store the appliances in your garage until you are ready. It should be worth some inconvenience to save a few hundred dollars or more.

3. Don’t forget Free is Free.

So you get free cookware when you purchase an induction cooktop, and you say, “Big deal, I already have cookware.” Think again – IT’S FREE. Is your existing cookware induction “ready”? Maybe this cookware will come in handy. Perhaps you have a close friend or relative that could really use some nice cookware?

It’s amazing how many customers change their minds when considering their purchase options and opt for offers that involve rebates, free products, or some gift with purchase. Everybody likes to save money, and free is free!


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