The Disappearing Refrigerator

Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigerators and Freezers


Integrated Refrigeration

Let’s begin by setting the record straight on built-in refrigerators with cabinet panels, versus fully integrated refrigerators with cabinet panels that are flush with adjacent cabinets. The Sub-Zero brand pioneered built-in refrigerators decades ago, and continues to be a leader in this appliance category.

They have long had cabinet panel options for their refrigerators, but not what we now call “fully-integrated”. In fact, Sub-Zero typically exposed their trademark grills on top of the refrigerator where the compressor compartment was located. They still make these refrigerators, and they are very popular. However, today’s fully-integrated refrigerators with custom flush-fitting matching cabinet panels, are indistinguishable from the adjacent cabinets. They’re often referred to as invisible or disappearing refrigerators.


Integrated Refrigerator

A few years ago, Sub-Zero Wolf embarked on a major re-design of their entire appliance offering. This update included a complete launch of integrated refrigerators, freezers, and wine storage units, accompanied by undercounter refrigerator and freezer drawers, as well as undercounter beverage and wine storage units.


18 Integrated Wine Unit

Here are some of Sub Zero’s latest products in their own words:

How often have you wished for a larger refrigerator? Weekly? Daily? We invite you to think modular and solve your food storage problems once and for all. The Sub-Zero Integrated 24” All Refrigerator Column delivers an impressive 12.9 cu. ft. of well-organized refrigerator storage – likely at least 50% more than you have now. Pair it with its partner, the Sub-Zero Integrated 24” All Freezer Column, and you’ll have flavorful food on hand no matter how large your family or how often you entertain.

24" All Refrigerator Column

24 All Refrigerator Column

Rest assured it will stay fresher longer, thanks to the IC-24R’s advanced food preservation features. NASA-inspired air purification scrubs the air of ethylene gas that hastens food spoilage, and also reduces odors by removing bacteria, mold and viruses. A magnetic door seal system locks in cold, while a state-of-the-art micro-processor precisely controls temperatures. Crisper and deli drawers form a lower-temperature zone ideal for produce and meat. As with all our integrated models, it can be fitted with stainless steel panels or custom cabinetry panels to virtually disappear into your décor.

To fully appreciate these remarkable products, we invite you to visit one of our luxurious appliance showrooms, where you can browse the Sub Zero and Wolf appliance selections. Many of these appliances are in live displays so we can demonstrate them to you.

Call or visit the Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center showroom nearest you today where our trained sales associates will be happy to help you with all your major appliance or decorative plumbing fixture needs.


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