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Best Top Load HE Washers of 2017 Based on Consumer Reports

Today’s laundry appliances are significantly more advanced than the bulky and loud machines of the past. Modern laundry machines boast advanced features and functions that treat clothing, bedding, and other items with the utmost level of care. You cannot begin your laundry process without a powerful washer, and with so many great choices available today, finding the right machine is a daunting challenge.

Washers come in a variety of common designs, and many modern homeowners choose to invest in top load high efficiency (HE) washers. These modern top load units do not feature an agitator, and as a result offer larger capacities than traditional models. To help you explore the wide range of these appliances, we’ve gathered information on some of the best top load HE washers of 2017 based on Consumer Reports.

Samsung WA52J8700AP

Founded in 1938, Samsung has been a global leader in the electronics industry for nearly 80 years. While the company is best know for its electronics products, it also produces a wide range of high quality laundry appliances, like the Samsung WA52J8700AP top load washer.

This premium Samsung washer boasts an impressive 5.2 cubic feet of capacity, allowing you to easily wash large loads of laundry. With 15 wash cycles and 12 unique wash options, you’ll be sure to find the proper settings for each and every load of laundry. Moreover, this washer offers superb washing performance thanks to Samsung’s Activewash™ and AquaJet™ Deep Clean systems. Tired of loud and noisy laundry appliances? Then you’ll appreciate Samsung’s VRT™ Quiet Operation system, which reduces operation noise and vibration. Best of all, this machine offers superior water and energy efficiency, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Click here for more details on this Samsung washer.

Samsung WA45K7600AW

Samsung manufactures a number of high quality washers, and the Samsung WA45K7600AW top load washer is also one of the best washing machines available today.

This Samsung unit offers exceptional washing performance, with 12 wash cycles, five temperature settings, and three water level options, providing the care and attention your items need. This machine’s Activewash™ system promotes superior wash functions, eradicating stains and odors with ease. With 4.5 cubic feet of washer capacity, you’ll be able to wash plenty of items at once. Moreover, Samsung’s VRT™ Vibration Reduction, limits appliance vibration while in use, preventing excess noise along the way. This unit also offers superb energy and water efficiency, helping you save money on your home’s bills. This washer offers fewer cycles and less space than the Samsung WA52J8700AP washer at a lower cost, making it a great choice for more budget-conscious homeowners.

For additional information about this Samsung washer, click here.


LG’s entire brand philosophy is focused on developing appliances that make your life easy. The company’s appliances are built to be convenient, and the LG WT7500CW top load washer is sure to simplify your laundry process.

This LG machine offers great washing performance thanks to its TurboWash® technology, which utilizes powerful high-pressure nozzles to wash clothes fast and speed up the laundry process. You’ll also be able to take advantage of 14 unique wash cycles, offering the array of options the modern home needs. This washing machine is a truly advanced unit, and features LG’s SmartDiagnosis™ technology and Wi-Fi connectivity to provide added appliance monitoring and support features. Best of all, the combination of LG’s LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation technology and TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration system significantly reduces appliance noise and vibration, ensuring this washer doesn’t intrude on your life while in operation.

Click here to learn more about this LG top load washer.

Whirlpool WTW8500DW

Whirlpool appliances offer sophistication without complication, making your home more efficient along the way. The Whirlpool WTW8500DW top load washer stays true to that mission by utilizing smart design and technology to boost washing efficiency.

The key to this Whirlpool unit’s superior washing performance is its Adaptive Wash technology, which automatically revises wash actions and water levels to meet the needs of each and every load of laundry. With 26 automatic wash cycles, you’re almost guaranteed to find the perfect choice to treat your items. This washing machine is also very easy to use thanks to its intuitive touch controls. This washer is a great choice for homeowners looking for an easy to use appliance that also offers a wide range of settings.

Are you interested in this Whirlpool washer? Click here for more details.

Exceptional Top Load HE Washers For The Contemporary Home

No home is complete without modern laundry appliances, and a top load high-efficiency washer is a great choice for many spaces. While finding the right washing machine for your home can be a challenge, if you’re dedicated to researching the options available, you’re sure to find the ideal match for your laundry room.

You can explore a wide range of washing machines and more with this online collection of laundry appliances.

Universal Turns Up The Heat With Wolf’s “Turn Up The Savings” Rebates: Get Up To $500 Rebate On Select Ranges & Wall Ovens

For nearly 20 years, Wolf has remained at the forefront of the cooking appliance industry, manufacturing premium products for the modern home. This Fall, you can bring the power of Wolf’s cooking appliances to the comfort of your home for a truly exceptional value.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is proud to offer a special “Turn Up The Savings” rebate offer on select Wolf appliances. This special rebate is valid on select Wolf ranges and wall ovens purchased from an authorized dealer from October 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, and offers you an exceptional rebate of $250 to $500. Now is the perfect time to invest in a Wolf oven or range, and Universal is here to help you discover the ideal choice for your kitchen.


As one of the top authorized dealers of Wolf appliances in Southern California, the team at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is expertly equipped to help you find the perfect Wolf cooking range or oven for your home.

You can take advantage of a $250 rebate offer on select 30-inch ranges or 24 to 30 inch E Series single ovens. These ranges and ovens include:

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Best Front Load Washers Of 2017 Based On Consumer Reports

21st-century living requires exceptional laundry appliances, and you cannot begin the laundry process without a great washer. Thanks to a host of innovative design features and advanced technologies, there is a range of powerful washers available for your home. But finding the ideal machine for your space can be a challenge.

Many of today’s best washing machines are front load washers. This design typically offers more space than a top load design, and also offers faster spin cycles that speed up your entire laundry process. To help you discover the perfect unit for your laundry room, we’ve compiled information on some of the best front load washers of 2017 based on Consumer Reports ratings. With a host of premium units available, you’re bound to find the right washer for your home.

Maytag Maxima MHW8200FW

The Maytag brand, one of the most storied in the Unites States, is respected for its dependable and durable appliances, and the Maytag Maxima MHW8200FW front load washer is sure to meet your needs.

This washer offers truly superior washing performance, with 11 wash cycles and a host of convenience features to simplify your laundry process. The secret to this machine’s exceptional performance is Maytag’s PowerWash® system, which promotes superior cleaning actions that eliminate tough stains with ease. With its stainless steel wash drum and durable design, you can rest assured that this unit will operate for years to come. Best of all, this washer offers excellent energy and water efficiency, cutting costs on your home’s bills.

For more information on this impressive Maytag washer, click here.

Maytag MHW3505FW

Maytag also offers the Maytag MHW3505FW front load washer.

This washer is powered by Maytag’s PowerWash® system as well, and features 18 wash cycles with five unique wash options, helping you discover the ideal settings for each load of laundry. This washing machine provides advanced tap touch controls and convenience features like bleach and fabric softener dispensers that make completing laundry easy. Compared to the highly ranked Maytag Maxima MHW8200FW, the Maytag MHW3505FW washer is more affordable, providing quality features and functions for a great value.

Click here to learn more about this Maytag unit.


LG’s company slogan is “Life’s Good,” and all of its innovative appliances are designed to bring convenience and simplicity to your home. The LG WM9000HVA front load washer is sure to meet your needs, with a variety of advanced features that make laundry easy.

This LG washer offers 5.2 cubic feet of washtub capacity, helping you wash large loads of laundry and bulky items easily. This unit offers exceptional wash performance for all types of laundry thanks to 14 wash cycles and 12 wash options. Moreover, LG’s TurboWash™ technology offers the extra power you need to eradicate difficult stains and odors from your items. Best of all, this washer offers a LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation that reduces noise and vibration levels, providing a washer that will not intrude on your daily life with noise.

Want to learn more about this LG washer? Click here.

Samsung WF45K6500AW

Samsung is widely recognized as one of the most sophisticated consumer electronics companies in the world, and it offers a superior level of quality in all of its home appliances. The Samsung WF45K6500AV front load washer offers the impressive technological advancements required for the contemporary home.

This unique washer features a Samsung AddWash™ door, allowing you to easily add items after the wash cycle has begun. In addition, this unit provides excellent washing performance, with 4.5 cubic feet of capacity and 14 wash cycles with 12 unique wash options. This ENERGY STAR™ certified appliance also offers exceptional energy and water efficiency, cutting costs on your home’s bills. Even better, this advanced unit provides Samsung Smart Care technology and Wi-Fi connectivity to provide appliance monitoring and support features. With an innovative design and a host of advanced features, this Samsung washer is an ideal choice for the modern home.

Click here for additional information about this Samsung washer.

Whirlpool WFW75HEFW

Whirlpool appliances are known for their powerful features and exceptional ease of use, both of which you’ll find in the Whirlpool WFW75HEFW front load washer.

This Whirlpool front load unit offers 4.5 cubic feet of washtub capacity, allowing you to complete sizable loads of laundry without overloading the machine. Thanks to eight automatic wash cycles and Whirlpool’s adaptive wash technology, you can rest assured that your items will come out of the washer clean. Like many modern washers, this unit makes automatic adjustments to ensure clothing and other items receive the optimal level of care. This washer is also both water and energy efficient, providing an ideal choice for the eco-friendly homeowner.

Are you interested in this Whirlpool washing machine? Click here.

Superior Front Load Washers Ideal For The Modern Home


The laundry process relies on powerful laundry appliances, and an advanced, modern washer is sure to bring convenience to your home. There may be a huge variety of front load washing machines available today, but by dedicating the time to research options, you’re bound to find the ideal choice for your home.

For a wide variety of exceptional premium washers, be sure to visit this online collection of laundry appliances.

Which Type Of Refrigerator Is Right For Your Home?

fridge 2

Which Type Of Refrigerator Is Right For Your Home?

Today’s refrigerators are more than just food storage units. Thanks to a wide range of technological capabilities and design innovations, the contemporary refrigerator offers exceptional amenities and organizational possibilities that help your kitchen operate at peak efficiency. There are many great refrigeration units available, but finding the right fit for your home can be a challenge.

Refrigerators come in all sorts of sizes, styles, and designs, each with their own advantages. To help you determine which style is right for your home, we’ve compiled a primer on some of the most common types of refrigerators available today.

Freestanding Or Built-In Refrigerator?

Before researching different refrigerator styles, you should first decide whether or not you want to invest in a freestanding refrigerator or a built-in refrigerator.

Built-in refrigerators are installed flush to your kitchen cabinetry, providing a more uniform and integrated feel within your kitchen. Built-in units come in a variety of specific styles, and typically feature more elegant and luxurious designs than freestanding counterparts.

Freestanding refrigerators can be installed anywhere a power source is available, offering a versatile design that fits a wide range of kitchens. This design is the standard when it comes to traditional refrigerators, and like their built-in counterparts, you’ll be able to find freestanding units in a wide range of styles.

Whether you choose to invest in a freestanding or built-in refrigerator, you’ll still be able to find a wealth of innovative and advanced units for your home. One you’ve made the decision between built-in and freestanding, it’s time to determine what type of refrigerator best meets your needs.

Top Mount Refrigerators

Top mount refrigerators, also known as top freezer refrigerators, are perhaps the most traditional type of refrigerator available. These units feature a freezer compartment on the top with a larger fresh food storage compartment on the bottom. This design offers less freezer storage than other designs, though thanks to ample fresh food storage these units are great for many homes. For a traditional design with great storage space for the standard home, consider one of these units.

Interested in one of these units? Begin your search with this collection of top mount refrigerators.

Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Bottom mount refrigerators, also known as bottom freezer refrigerators, feature a spacious fresh food compartment on top of a freezer compartment. These units provide easy access to fresh foods and drinks, and typically boast more freezer space than top mount units. If you want to maximize your home’s freezer storage without investing in a standalone freezer unit, choosing a bottom mount refrigerator is a fine choice.

Learn more about these units thanks to this wide selection of bottom mount refrigerators.

Side-By-Side Refrigerators

If style is one of your primary concerns, you should definitely consider a side-by-side refrigerator. These units are divided vertically down the middle, with one side housing the refrigerator while the other side features the freezer. This design offers ample fresh food and freezer space, and often provides more space than traditional top and bottom mount refrigerators. Side-by-side refrigerators also come in a wide range of both built-in and freestanding designs, and feature everything from stainless steel finishes to wood paneling.

For more on these units, visit this selection of side-by-side refrigerators.

French Door Refrigerators

For exceptional style that promotes optimal organization, you may want to consider a French door refrigerator. These designs feature a two-door design for their upper fresh food compartment with a bottom freezer, combining elements of side-by-side refrigerators and bottom mount refrigerators for an impressive design.

The side-by-side top allows you to organize and store food, drinks, and other fresh items with ease, and typically offers more fresh item storage than other designs. Meanwhile, the spacious bottom freezer will allow you to store plenty of frozen desserts, meals, or other ingredients for later use. French door refrigerators come in a variety of elegant and luxurious designs, and are a great addition to any contemporary cooking space.

You can browse a host of great choices thanks to this collection of French door refrigerators.


Most refrigerators also incorporate a freezer into their designs, but if you already own a standalone freezer you likely don’t need the extra freezer space. If you want to maximize refrigerator space, then consider investing in an all-refrigerator unit.

These units do not include freezers, and take advantage of the extra space by incorporating additional fresh food storage. All-refrigerator units are ideal for homes that already have a freezer, or for homeowners that want additional fresh food storage to a spacious kitchen.

For a host of great all-refrigerator units, click here.

Superior Refrigerators For The Contemporary Kitchen

Which Type Of Refrigerator Is Right For Your Home?

Every kitchen requires an exceptional refrigerator, and thanks to the sheer number of designs and styles available, you’re bound to find a great unit that simultaneously meets your food storage needs and aesthetic preferences. The wide range of choices makes finding the ideal refrigerator a daunting task, but with some careful consideration and research, you’re bound to find a great unit for your home.

You can begin your search for the perfect refrigerator with this collection of premium refrigerators.

Best Dishwashers of 2017 Based On Consumer Reports

dishwasher 12

Best Dishwashers of 2017 Based On Consumer Reports

Today’s kitchens feature a vast variety of cooking appliances and tools, helping you create an impressive range of home-cooked meals. But once you’ve finished cooking, it’s time for the dishwasher to do its job and help clean up the mess.

The contemporary home requires a powerful dishwasher that can eliminate stains and food debris from plates, glasses, pots, and more, all without sacrificing style. Modern dishwashers provide a wealth of advanced washing features and functions, bringing an exceptional level of convenience to your home. To help you explore the wide range of premium dishwashers available today, we’ve compiled information on some of the best dishwashers of 2017 according to rankings from Consumer Reports.

KitchenAid KDTM354DSS

For nearly 100 years, KitchenAid has produced high quality kitchen appliances, providing innovative features for all your kitchen needs. The KitchenAid KDTM354DSS offers all the common dishwasher features you need with a sleek design ideal for today’s homes.

This KitchenAid dishwasher boasts superior wash performance and energy efficiency, and remains relatively quiet while in operation. This dishwasher is also particularly good at cleaning and drying plastic items, which are among the hardest items to dry. This powerful washer also features hidden controls within its door, offering a clean and crisp exterior design. Best of all, this dishwasher provides ample flatware slots and an adjustable upper rack, allowing you to clean plenty of dishes and utensils all at once.

For more information about this dishwasher, click here.

KitchenAid KDTM804ESS

For superior style and elegance in your dishwasher, you may want to invest in the KitchenAid KDTM804ESS dishwasher.

This unique appliance’s door features a window, with a lighted interior that allows you to inspect dishes for cleanliness before removing them. This KitchenAid unit utilizes a clean water wash system that continuously removes food particles from wash water, providing exceptional dishwashing performance. Moreover, this dishwasher’s adjustable racks and spacious interior provide added convenience by helping you wash many dishes in each cycle. And thanks to six wash cycles and nine cycle options, you’ll be able to choose the exact settings you need to clean your items properly.

You can click here for more details about this KitchenAid dishwasher.

Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC

Bosch’s dishwashers are among the best in the industry, and the Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC dishwasher offers the power and convenience you need for optimal cleaning.

This Bosch dishwasher provides exceptional wash performance without using too much water, bringing an eco-friendly choice right to your home. This dishwasher also operates at lower noise levels than most of its competitors, meaning its operation won’t intrude on your daily life. For flexibility, this Bosch unit boasts an adjustable upper rack, adjustable tines, and plenty of flatware slots, as well as a soil sensor, delayed-start feature, and four unique wash cycles. This unit can provide heavy duty cycles, gentle rinses, and more, offering a flexible array of options for all your dishwashing needs.

Click here for additional details about this dishwasher.

Samsung DW80K7050US

Samsung has been at the forefront of the electronics industry for 70 years, consistently infusing each of its products with advanced and innovative features.

The Samsung DW80K7050US dishwasher provides a variety of powerful features, with six wash cycles, three spray wash arms, and Samsung’s StormWash™ Heavy Duty Wash System, which promotes superior washing power. This dishwasher can fit 15 place settings, with adjustable racks that allow you to fit as many dishes in your dishwasher as you can. This Samsung unit’s stainless-steel interior also boasts superior durability, helping your unit last for years to come. Moreover, this dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® certified, offering an energy efficient choice for the modern home.

For further information about this appliance, click here.

GE Profile PDF820SSJSS

GE’s Profile appliance line pairs more modern style with the brand’s reliable designs, bringing an elevated aesthetic to the contemporary home.

The GE Profile PDF820SSJSS dishwasher features four wash cycles with 10 unique wash options, allowing you to find the exact settings you need for all your dirty dishes. This dishwasher’s exterior control panel provides easy access to all the unit’s settings, adding an extra level of convenience to your dishwashing process. Thanks to its adjustable racks, you’ll be able to arrange dishes with ease, helping you wash many dishes at once. If energy efficiency is a concern, you will be happy to know that this dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® certified.

Do you want more information about this unit? Click here.

Premium Dishwashers For The Modern Kitchen

Best Dishwashers of 2017 Based On Consumer Reports

No home is complete without an exceptional dishwasher, and the wide range of units available makes finding the right dishwasher a significant challenge. But with a little bit of research and a general idea of what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find the ideal dishwasher for your home.

The appliance options we’ve selected here may be some of the best dishwashers of 2017, but there are even more great choices for your home. For more premium dishwashers, consider browsing this online dishwasher collection.

Best Refrigerators Of 2017


Best Refrigerators Of 2017

The modern kitchen is home to a plethora of exceptional cooking appliances, from powerful cooking ranges and impressive ovens to convenient microwaves and more. But no kitchen is complete without an exceptional refrigerator.

The ideal refrigerator will provide ample storage space for fresh ingredients and frozen items in one convenient appliance, but with so many choices, it can be difficult to find the right unit for your needs. A number of exceptional refrigerators have hit the market in 2017, and to help you find a great appliance, we’ve compiled overviews on some of the best refrigerators of 2017.

Best Refrigerators Of 2017

Samsung RT21M6215SG Top Freezer Refrigerator

Samsung has been at the forefront of the electronics industry for 70 years, and brings a similarly high level of quality in its home appliances. The Samsung RT21M6215SG top freezer refrigerator features 5.7 cubic foot freezer compartment above 15.4 cubic feet of refrigerator space, offering plenty of space for all of your frozen and fresh items.

This unit shines thanks to its high level of thermostat control, helping you keep items at the exact temperature you need them. This refrigerator also offers very good noise performance and excellent energy efficiency, providing a quiet refrigerator that will keep your energy bills low.

For more on this refrigerator, click here.

GE GDE25ESKSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Consumers have trusted GE appliances for over 100 years, and the GE GDE25ESKSS bottom freezer refrigerator is certainly a unit you can rely on. This refrigerator stands out thanks to exceptional temperature performance and temperature uniformity, helping your food stay fresh for an extended period of time.

This GE refrigerator also offers a high level of energy efficiency, providing an ideal choice for an eco-friendly household. Best of all, its easy to use digital controls offer fast access to appliance monitoring features like adjusting temperature. And thanks to its bottom freezer design, this unit boasts more freezer capacity than many of its competitors.

For more details about this refrigerator, click here.

Best Refrigerators Of 2017

KitchenAid KRSF505ESS Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Side-by-side refrigerators offer easy access to both frozen and fresh items, with the unit split down the middle to offer ample space for both types of items. The KitchenAid KRSF505ESS side-by-side refrigerator excels thanks to its superior temperature performance and excellent energy efficiency. Moreover, its unique digital controls provide easy access to a wealth of convenient features.

This refrigerator offers a built-in water filter and external water dispenser to provide easy access for crisp and cold water. Moreover, this refrigerator provides exceptional crisper performance, keeping vegetables and fruits fresh for long periods of time.

Click here for more on this refrigerator.

Best Refrigerators Of 2017

Whirlpool WRF995FIFZ French Door Refrigerator

French door refrigerators feature a side-by-side top design for fresh food storage with a bottom freezer compartment, promoting easy organization and maximizing storage space. The Whirlpool WRF995FIFZ French door refrigerator provides excellent temperature performance and uniformity, with powerful crisper performance that keeps fruit and vegetables fresh.

This Whirlpool refrigerator also offers excellent ice-making performance, as well as an external water dispenser and built-in water filter. And with its fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish, this Whirlpool unit will look great for many years.

For additional information on the Whirlpool WRF995FIFZ French Door Refrigerator refrigerator, click here.

LG LTCS20220S Top Freezer Refrigerator

LG’s motto is “Life’s Good,” and its appliances strive to bring a level of convenience and simplicity to your home life. The LG LTCS20220S top freezer refrigerator provides both of those things alongside 14.7 cubic feet of refrigerator capacity and 5.5 cubic feet of freezer capacity, providing more storage space than many of its competitors.

This LG refrigerator has been recognized for its impressive temperature performance and temperature uniformity, as well as its energy efficiency. This refrigerator will keep items stored at the precise temperatures you need without increasing your energy bills. Moreover, its spill-proof shelves will keep any possible spills contained with ease, helping you clean up any messes you may find.

Click here for further details on this refrigerator.

Powerful Refrigerators For The Modern Home

Your home requires an exceptional refrigerator to provide proper fresh food and frozen item storage, and the sheer number of units available makes finding the ideal refrigerator a significant challenge. But with the proper degree of research, you’re sure to find the right refrigerator for your home.

While the options we’ve selected are some of the best refrigerators of 2017, there are even more great choices for your home. Consider browsing this online collection for even more premium refrigerators.